Every week, excluding weeks off from class, you will post a news story and an analysis of how knowledge was constructed through the article, or how it refereed to constructed knowledge. Consider answering the following questions in your posts:

  • How do they present studies as fact?
  • Do they make claims about objective reality?
  • Do you think the article adequately captures the intention of the original source of information (study, event, social problem etc).
  • Is this fake news? What makes it less real?

You will also have to comment, at least weekly, on at least one of your classmates’ posts.

Minimum 11 posts, 11 comments by the end of the semester, due no later than the Saturday night of that week. Minimum 250 words per post, 50 words per comment.


Here are some examples that you can start with if you can’t quite wrap your head around this yet and find your own article right away. These are all taken from my best friend’s facebook timeline. She often posts articles with a comment about how research has discovered some truth about the world and now we have more knowledge, so these links will take you to articles I have preselected as ones related to knowledge production. With time, you will be able to identify articles on your own.

Chickens Might Be As Smart As Dolphins

Cognitive science suggests Trump makes us more accepting of the morally outrageous

New fertility procedure may lead to ’embryo farming’, warn researchers

Goldfish Helps His Friend Who Is Too Sick To Swim And Eat, Shows That They Have Feelings Too

The Psychological Damage of Slaughterhouse Work

Did This Medieval African Empire Invent Human Rights?

‘Stubborn and chauvinistic’ men to blame for most road deaths – Transport Minister Dipuo Peters