Each week, your group will hold a discussion on the blog–you must have all posted by Saturday night.

Step One: One of you will start a discussion (you can decide this beforehand, or just let it happen as it happens—as long as it does happen! Oftentimes groups will decide at the beginning who will do start each response and have that as a post on your site that you can refer to) by posting a few thoughts or some questions that you have (at least 250 words or more – about the length of this post). You can put any of your thoughts down. It can be about how you struggle to understand the material and why you think that is, or about how exciting and revolutionary you find the theory, or anything else related to the readings.

Step Two: Then, the rest of your group members will respond at least once as a comment (about the same word count) to that post, including new ideas, but also addressing what has already been said. Each additional response should occur as a comment, addressing what has been said before and sharing your own ideas.

You can check out the syllabus for more info on the writing assignments. You need to have 11 responses/reflections by the end of the course.


Now that you will be having so many comments you might want to review your comment settings by going to settings and then discussion on your dashboard. I find it best to make sure the ‘before a comment appears’ boxes are unchecked. Then you don’t have to approve each comment as it comes in.