As you know, I’m in Philadelphia this week for the Eastern Sociological Society Conference. This kind of conference is where sociologists all get together in one place once a year to talk about our research and ideas, and in my case, also our teaching. During what would have been class time yesterday I was on a panel I organized with four other scholars talking about what a “prison abolition pedagogy” might be or could be. I can tell you more in class. On Saturday I will be giving another paper, but that time on my dissertation research. This morning I was on the hunt for breakfast and heard about a vegan pizza place and since that sounded like a good breakfast plan to me. Coincidentally, the pizza place was across the street from where WEB DuBois lived when he was working on what some say was his most sociological project, his book The Philadelphia Negro. It was amazing to be on the block where he lived (which is now a park). His house would have been a little past where that car is in the third photo. Such a great energy on that block and so fun to walk around the streets where he walked around.