Refer to syllabus for dates to read by.

Berger and Luckman—Social Construction of Reality (pages 13-30 of the book pages, not the pdf pages)

Theodor Adorno—Sociology of Knowledge and its Consciousness

Louis Althusser—Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses

Michel Foucault & Gilles Deleuze—Intellectuals and Power

Marcelo Diversi and Claudio Moreira—Betweener Talk

Part 1, Read Chapter 2, page 31-33

Part 2,No readings from this section

Part 3, No readings from this section

Part 4 Read Chapter 10 205-223

Christina Nadler—Deterritorializing Disciplinarity

Judith Butler—Gender Trouble Read pages 1-7 of chapter 1.

Joan Fujimura—Sex Genes

Melanie Blackless—How Sexually Dimorphic Are We?

Bruno Latour—Science in Action

George Steinmetz—Scientific Authority

Patricia Clough—The New Empiricism

Stanley Aronowitz & Robert Ausch—Critique of Methodological Reason

Aldon Morris—The Scholar Denied

Jason Ferguson—The Aesthetic Dimension